Frodis Inridning dag 14

den 26 mars. Frodis fösta ridtur med sadel. Inlägget är på engelska kopierat rakt ifrån parelli connect.


Today was not the first time he had the saddle on, but it was a long time ago. everything went great online. But when I got up on him he did get a bit tense, surely it feels different from how it feels with the barebackpad. We did a couple of laps. The signals from my seat must feel a lot different cause he was very thoughtful, and when my legs came to tight he did a little buck. But after that he relaxed and walked around yawning.


I got off then and changed to the pad and went for a little trail ride. There was something, he had his ears more back than he usually has, but otherwise his posture was the same relaxed one. He also didn't choose the trot as much, and he didn't really want to canter. Although I guess that the little pain I felt in my back could be the cause of his behaviour. But GOD WHAT A TÖLT! Wow it was a really long time ago I got to ride such a nice and fast tölt! (the fact that is was so natural made is even better!) Now I remember why we have icelandichorses!


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